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I just hope that this will not be a disappointment like the Pinoy Idol. But I’m 95% sure that Survivor Philippines will be better since the host is well experienced, spontaneous and is also very fit when it comes to physical challenges. As of this writing, Bediones is undergoing rigid training for the program and GMA7 have axed his game show called Tok Tok Tok to give way to this No. 1 reality show in the world. It is rumored that the location of the 16 outcasts will not be within Philippine territory but a whole new island that has not been touched by Media networks.

This would be a very interesting show since it will be a big task for the staff of Survivor Philippines to create challenges that will somehow make life harder for Filipino outcasts. We all know that Pinoy’s are very resourceful and not fully urbanized even if you are the biggest conyo in the galaxy. This is the show that will really change the landscape of Philippine television… and even now, ABS CBN fanatics are already threatened by the mega changes that GMA7 has unleashed, and are making noises in forums and youtube by their black propaganda against SP. Well for GMA fans, they only have this to say: MOVE OVER FEAR FACTOR PHILIPPINES!

Fear Factor Philippines was awarded to ABS CBN by Endemol, the same creator of Big Brother Franchise, and is rumored to be Survivor Philippine’s Biggest rival on the ratings game. In the US, Fear Factor did not overshadow the popularity of Survivor and was even trailing the latter in the ratings game. Here in the Philippines will history once again repeat itself? I bet!

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