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Many actors gets called in for casting calls.

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The lies about the casting call from Philippines never seem to run out. It's impossible, they're mean, they've already picked the people they want and the casting call is just a pretense to seem like they're giving folks a fair shot.

Philippines Movie and TV casting calls tips - Notice!
• Don’t cause yourself any unnecessary stress. Show up for an audition 10-15 minutes early and be prepared to wait.
• Once you've made it to the audition and get the Philippines casting calls, you want the casting director to remember you. If you've been given lines to read ahead of time, rehearse them with anyone you can. Being unprepared won't score you leads in feature films!
• Try not to be nervous when you have already got the casting calls . We know you're bound to be anxious, but just remember that casting directors are people too and you'll do a much better job if you're relaxed.
• Walk in with a big smile and a lot of confidence. Nothing blows casting directors away more than peeps who exude self-confidence.

Practice makes perfect! If you have the opportunity to take a drama class at school or at your local community center, do it. Just like in sports, you have to keep stretching and training your acting muscle if you want to land that big part.

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