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In modeling auditions, the way you look is extremely important, especially when auditioning for commercials, because you'll be considered a salesperson for a product. Casting models is very precise. To get a good view, they'll probably ask you to pose for a front and side profile. When auditioning for a speaking role in a TV commercial, you read from cue cards, large flash cards that have lines printed on them in big letters.

Modeling auditions for a role in a movie or TV show may require you to read from a script. Keep the following in mind when auditioning: You may receive your copy of the script moments before your audition. Ask for a little time to study the role. (Don't take too much time.) It's ok to read directly from the script while acting. Remember that even though modeling auditions may be for print or non-speaking roles, your ability to articulate is just as important as your ability to look good.

If they are casting for models who will be playing a "role", the important thing while auditioning is for them to see how well you interpret the part, not how well you can memorize a script on short notice. Modeling auditions are competitive, so concentrate, focus, and calmly say the words of the script correctly. If you mispronounce a word or two, don't worry. If you completely mess up your lines, you can ask to start from the beginning again. More than anything - have fun, and smile!

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